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8 Jun 2020

You’re the Reason God Made Felice and Boudleaux.

Written by sally @ 4:28 pm — Section: sally

Hello, coronavirus friends. I hope you have fared well during these uncertain times. I went to Nashville the last weekend in February and came back with a nasty cough and bronchitis that I am fervently hoping was the rona, unless getting it doesn’t actually make you immune, in which case, eh, it was just a really bad case of bronchitis and not worth talking about.

My workplace closed for a couple of months, and I did all the things we all did: monitored online school, watched Tiger King, bought a hammock, stared at the wall. I cleaned out every cabinet and closet, I baked (but did not make sourdough bread), I barely read anything, I went for long walks. I also got repeatedly bitten by buffalo gnats and my ears swelled up like cartoon ears and I had giant big welts on my head.

But back to Nashville for a moment: my boyfriend came along on my work trip and we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, where our camera rolls revealed we are interested in different things. He took a LOT of pictures of guitars. I took a LOT of pictures of embroidered suits. However, we both had an interest in an exhibit on Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, the songwriting team behind pretty much every Everly Brothers song, “Rocky Top,” and a million other songs. Here’s the part that got us: when they met, Felice accidentally squirted water on him and then told him she met him in a dream when she was 8. He didn’t run away in horror, but said, hey that’s cool, let’s run away, will you change your name to Felice? (Because it was actually Matilda.) And that was history! Weird, creepy history! Another twist: I like to drink champagne, play the country song “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” and tell my boyfriend that he’s the reason God made Oklahoma, and did you know that Boudleaux and Felice sued the writers of that fine song because it was a “Rocky Top” ripoff? (They also won.) So to sum up, please do not tell strange men you just met that you dreamed about them when you were a child UNLESS you are prepared to change your name and run away with them. Hey, you might be! Good for you.

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