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25 Jul 2006

Yet Another Tuesday Tidbittery.

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IMSMYMA (I’m Smyma? I’ms My Ma?)
CELLOS (quite possible the sweetest vanity tag of all time — we like cellos!)

My Fair Brady Wedding Special:
Uh. WTF. While I have secretly enjoyed watching this show, mostly for the arguments, the final episode takes the cake. It is amazingly awful. So Peter Brady’s father has dinner with Adrienne and her father, and Peter Brady’s father gets drunk and tells Adrienne to quit her bitching and get a GED and not to screw up the relationship, and Adrienne doesn’t tell him to fuck off, like one would expect if you’ve ever seen this show before, and instead says “uh, what?” and this makes Peter Brady go into some sort of crying fit about how she’s disrespecting his father’s wisdom, and he calls the wedding off while Adrienne, with snot pouring into her mouth, wails and screams. Oh, god. Oh, and then they get married anyway. Bonus: guest appearances by Greg, Bobby, and Cindy Brady.

• On our trip, Larry and I made a drinking game out of how often his dad either said St. Charles streetcar or look, that used to be a fire station and how often his mother said, this is a very inexpensive car. Most of the time we did not have alcohol in our hands, but would instead just say drink to each other. I have to tell you: it’s almost as fun just to say the word drink out of context in an antique shop as it is to actually take a drink of something. I said almost.

• If you want to help my friend’s sister win a wedding from a country music radio station, click here and then vote (over on the left-hand side) for Chrissy and Rob.

6 Responses to “Yet Another Tuesday Tidbittery.”

  1. vendela said:

    Maybe IMSMYMA iss: I Miss My Ma???

    They so got paid to get married. Well, Peter Brady did, and Adrienne’s manager knows Adrienne got paid, too. He/she just didn’t tell Adrienne beforehand for the drama’s sake. So, when Peter files for an anullment next month, hopefully finding out she got an extra $100,000 will help Adrienne feel much better. At least it will buy her a nice crib back in Michigan or Illinois or whatever state houses that prison she grew up next door to.

  2. poobou said:

    And I was just about to email you these plates that I saw on my morning commute today:
    * TGRRRR
    * WE – HE (Initials, maybe?)
    * TRUKKIN (I can’t really describe the kind of car this was on. It was one of those huge Land Rover/Jeeps with a convertible top, like the things that tourists ride when they go on safaris in Africa.)

    I’ve managed to avoid most of My Fair Brady. And reading your recap, I’m really glad.

  3. herman rarebell said:

    i keep reading GODSLVE as “god slave.” i’m guessing they mean “god’s love.” but god slave would make a much better xtian metalcore band. oh, speaking of god and metal, and since this is on – has anyone seen the moses-themed video for AS I LAY DYING’s new song? that’s right – faulkner is METÜHL!

  4. The Library Guy said:

    Car tags need umlauts?

  5. beth said:

    On the subway ride home tonight, i saw Peter Brady’s face on the side of a box which contained an Ab Lounge exercise thingamajob. He’s a nerd and a total sellout!

  6. Polly said:

    no, its god slave. oh, and crissy is tied for 1st!