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16 Dec 2009

Yet Another Query.

Written by sally @ 9:49 am — Section: Uncategorized

Say the newspaper is all over the dining room table from where you were looking for one of those 50% off one item Michaels coupons. You and your family are eating dinner at the table. The cat is sitting on the table as well. You don’t mind, since he has zero interest in getting near the food. Then he starts barfing. On the table where you’re eating. However, he is barfing on the newspaper, so do you move him to the floor, where you will have to clean up cat barf, or do you let him continue to barf it up on the newspaper, where you can just wad it up and throw it away?

Decisions, decisions.

I let him continue to barf. The baby thought it was funny.

3 Responses to “Yet Another Query.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    The quietly and subtly the husband threw up in his mouth, walked out of the room with his plate to cry in the kitchen, because he realized he had lost complete control of any situation and this was a very disgusting moment.

  2. beth said:

    You couldn’t move the newspaper to the floor with the cat still on it?

    This probably shows something of my unfamiliarity with cats.

  3. Katpants said:

    Obviously, you let him continue to barf. If you risk moving him to the floor he could run to the expensive rug and finish his barf on it. I speak from experience.