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13 Dec 2010

Will You Still Sit on a Storm Drain With Me Tomorrow?

Written by sally @ 2:22 pm — Section: sally

Y’all! This guy I had a semi-romantic moment with in 1989 is now a gay interior designer specializing in the baroque — gold-leafed paneling! ornate mirrors! crystal chandeliers! — and he has a Facebook page for his business, which I just Liked. Now it says “Sally Nordan likes Richard Holcomb,” which was so true in 1989.

[Semi-romantic moment: Our school’s one act play advanced to regionals in the statewide competition, and this cool girl with cool hair got mono or something and I got to fill in for her and go on the out of town trip. After the performances, there was a dancing at a pizza place. This very, very handsome (read: eventually gay) boy danced with me to “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” It was all so perfect and wonderful, especially because he went to another school and therefore I could pine. A few weeks later he called me up, and it turns out he lived two blocks from my dad’s house. We went for lots of walks. Once he tried to kiss me while we were sitting on a storm drain that reeked of old garbage. I recoiled and hurt his feelings. At some point there was some heated discussion and he came over and threw rocks at my window, but I can’t remember what that possibly could’ve been about, since we never kissed or went on a date or did anything but talk on the phone and sit on storm drains together.]

Richard’s FB page is hilarious — not only because of the baroque (or is it rococo?) stylings, but because he starts each update with his name. He types it in. So it looks like this:

Richard Holcomb Richard Holcomb is in Paris.

Seeing that fills me with something. Joy is too strong a word.

One Response to “Will You Still Sit on a Storm Drain With Me Tomorrow?”

  1. Mix said:

    I get that same feeling when I see people use apostrophes incorrectly. I don’t have a name for it either.