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1 Oct 2007

Whirlwind DC Trip #2967.

Written by sally @ 12:06 pm — Section: sally

Greetings. I have been away.

I was in DC this weekend for an exciting event wherein I stood in a dusty tent for ten hours and gave free stuff to people. Then I walked 1,000 blocks and looked at stuff. Then my flight back last night was delayed for three hours and now I am whiny and tired. However, there are highlights:

1. The lady who told me she’d been reading a lot of southern authors lately and what she was so surprised at was how rich and varied their vocabularies were. It was almost like these authors — Welty, Faulkner — had read a lot of books! But how did they have access to books? What’s that you say, libraries? The south had libraries? You mean statewide? Still? Were they segregated then? Well, what about today?

2. The man who proudly told us that he was teaching his son the capitals of all the states, and how his son already knew that Memphis was the capital of Mississippi.

3. The infomercial I saw for an amazing colon-clearing product. Did you know that when you feel tired or get a headache or have a rash, that’s a result of old rotten stuff sitting in your colon? Me either! I have much more to say about the colon and its power to create rashes and headaches, but I fear I will gross you out. Call me if you need more information.

3 Responses to “Whirlwind DC Trip #2967.”

  1. bulb said:

    Please tell me you checked out the Phillips Collection . . .

  2. mix said:

    I’m going to need more information.

    Welcome home! Did you save any pencils?

  3. poobou said:

    Number 2 is making my head hurt since Memphis isn’t even the capital of Tennessee either. Yeesh. People are so dumb. Reminds me of when my mom met someone who asked her where she was from, my mom replied New Orleans, and the person said, “Oh, that’s one of my favorite states!” Um??