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3 Jan 2008

We’re Having a Spike.

Written by sally @ 10:48 am — Section: sally

Hello there, and welcome to 2008!

I hope you all had good holidays free from the burden of holiday mucus. I was not so lucky, but the mucus and I, we are slowly coming to an understanding. Don’t you just love the word “mucus”? It says it all. MUCUS.

Larry and I spent Christmas in Memphis with his parents, then spent New Year’s watching tv and drinking bourbon and Cokes (one of us did that — the other drank some weird French sparkling blueberry lemonade that smelled utterly unlike blueberries or lemonade or even anything that sparkled). Then we went to bed at 10:30. Party on, Larry! Party on, Sally.

The only news I have would be interesting to you if you happened to live in my house — Larry finished the shed! And now all his tools have moved out of the laundry room! Yeah! — so basically I have nothing to report…

…except that we found out a while ago that we’re having a boy! I really wanted it to be a boy so I could avoid all that princess stuff. And man: is he ever a boy. Do you know what boy babies do in utero? They play with their little fetal penises all day long. I have seen it with my own eyes. Spike (as we are calling him) was very busy in there playing with his toy. I have a new understanding of why men are obsessed with their weiners now — it starts very, very early.

Best breakfast ever:

Cream cheese Toaster Strudel brand frozen pastry (1)
Bowl of macaroni and cheese (1)
Pineapple (3 bites)

In other news, that dress you made? Looks like a coffee filter. Or a maxi pad. That’s what I hear, anyway. (Dudes: best Project Runway challenge ever!)

5 Responses to “We’re Having a Spike.”

  1. liz said:

    A boy! Congrats.

    I’m with you on the ProjRun episode. It’s about time they got crazy with some licorice.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Great news about the boy! be prepared for all of the clothes to have puppies on them! Loved the reese’s wrap dress by Christian and the uncostumey dress by the fat guy who was kicked off but returned!!

  3. Rd said:

    Excellent news! I dare you to avoid the Stanley tools line of boy clothes. All denim, all the time, with Shrinky-Dink-esque plastic tools sewn on. Ah yeah. Be prepared for karate kicks galore!

  4. Lucy said:

    The right contestant was definitely sent home on PR.

    Yay for Spike!

  5. poobou said:

    Hooray for little boys! So cool.