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8 Apr 2019


Written by sally @ 11:32 am — Section: sally

I did not advance to the next round in that short story contest, which was not a surprise, as I am not a short story writer. However, the feedback was fair and valuable, should I choose to enter another contest to do a thing I don’t know how to do in the future. The huge upside is that I didn’t have to write another story over the weekend, which worked out since Spike had four soccer games and I was busy screaming the whole time. Today I am hoarse. Enthusiasm!

I am now in a book club, and we are reading Geek Love, and while I like the writing, I am stressed out beyond reason by Arty. Also, one of my cats knocked over a glass of water onto my copy, and being forced to read a creaky, crackly waterstained book is hurting me.

I’m pretty good at embarrassing myself, and last week I managed to do something so embarrassing I’m pretty sure I turned into ectoplasm for a few minutes before I regained my human form. To explain, pretend that you have a new friend named William who, when you met, spilled his drink on you. Pretend also that when your friends say, “What’s new?” you say, “Well, not much, I met this guy and when we hung out he spilled his drink on me,” so in texts they check up on you by asking, “How is The Spiller?” Then one day, inspiration hits, and you text them, “Hey, The Spiller’s real name is William so I came up with a great new nickname for him: SPILLIAM” except no, OF COURSE you didn’t text your friends. You texted Spilliam. Yes. You have been placed on this planet to ruin everything all the time.

In doing this, you have revealed the following to Spilliam:

1. You talk about him to your friends
2. You think his drink spilling is noteworthy
3. omg, SPILLIAM
4. You don’t know how to text

I have been watching New Amsterdam, which is like Grey’s Anatomy minus the sex and plus magical, unrealistic solutions to medical problems. The hospital across town is the only one with that special machine? Then by all means, let’s fake our identities and go over there and use it! The woman who my sister donated her heart to is now in my hospital with heart failure? WE MUST SAVE HER. AND WE SHALL. It is not stressful, it has a diverse cast, and everyone is beautiful. Recommended for people who get stressed out by imaginary people and situations.

Ok bye

2 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. Suzanne said:

    OMG the Spilliam thing. I’m sorry, I know it was mortifying, but you tell it in such a way that it is HILARIOUS.

    Also, I am pretty sure that if you got feedback on your short story, it was pretty good. Maybe not good enough to advance, but good enough that the editor thought it was worth commenting on. Out of however many thousands of submissions, I think that’s noteworthy. So go you!

  2. sally said:

    My only consolation in the Spilliam fiasco was that at least I got a good story out of it!