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21 Apr 2004

Tunneling Through Blind.

Written by sally @ 7:59 am — Section: sally

I have no personal anecdote to share about this poem, except that in 1993 or so I decided that I would discover the Next Great Poet, and randomly checked out books by people I had never heard of in my quest. Most of the poets needed to remain on the shelves of Willis Library, but occasionally I would find at least one poem I liked. Here is one. It is short.

No One
Malcolm Glass

I slide my fingers
into your extravagant
black hair, tunneling
through blind. Your
head shapes my palms–
hidden, secret–
my fingertips only
dreaming skin.

No one will ever
hold you so gently.

Not even death

(from Bone Love, University Presses of Florida, 1978)

8 Responses to “Tunneling Through Blind.”

  1. jp! said:

    um, i said OCCULASS, not Malcolm Glass!

  2. Sally said:

    You and your Oculass obsession are worrying my man. See comment below under “I think I made you up inside my head.”

  3. Larry Ferrari said:

    jp!: 5:30, Laurel Street Park monkey bars. Mr. Mooch knows the way. We need to have a conversation. I will bring the sandwiches…knuckle sandwiches.

  4. Kicker of Elves said:

    Great poem. And I haven’t heard the phrase “knuckle sandwiches” in a month of Sundays (in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard “knuckle sandwich” used in the plural before, but the “-es” makes it even better — nicely done). Make him say “uncle,” Larry!

  5. vendela said:

    i say oculass uses her powers to whip both your arses. oculass is property of no man.

  6. Larry Ferrari said:

    Now I never claimed ownership of the ‘lass. I am merely defending her honor. Cómo usted dice, beat it hippie?

  7. poobou said:

    I know this is off of the Oculass topic, but I just wanted to mention that I really love this poem.

  8. jp! said:

    wah? are you nutz! you don’t get all the occulass stories!! all the good boys and girls deserve to hear of extraordinary exploits from the dominoed dare-doll!