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9 Jul 2010

Towels! Honking!

Written by sally @ 9:36 am — Section: sally

When someone is helping you with housework, is he/she obligated to fold the towels the way you fold them, or is it reasonable to expect that he/she will fold the towels the way he/she wants to even though they obviously do not fit in the cabinet in that way? What about this: when you are at the person’s house and have occasion to fold towels, do you bend to their crazy folding wills or do you not worry with it? Also, have you ever had occasion to even fold someone else’s towels? Do I worry too much about towels? Have you ever read a blog post featuring a paragraph in which the word “towels” is mentioned six times? TOWELS. (Seven.)

Last week I read Ann Beattie’s Walks with Men. I don’t think I’m smart enough for Ann Beattie. There were lines that were like shiny gems, and then there was the rest of it. I’ve never read her before, so maybe that was the problem. Another person I’ve never read before is Jane Smiley, but I’m reading her latest, Private Life, now. Usually when I get books from the library, I give them a few pages to see if I’m going to like them and then I get way too excited when I get to toss one aside and never think of it again. I’m on page 104 of Private Life and still can’t decide if I’m going to read it or not. Every time I think, oh good, this is going to go in a direction I find boring, something else happens and I’m compelled to keep reading.

I am having to talk myself off the Ledge of Annoyances lately and remind myself that other people’s dumbness should not adversely affect my mood. One of my pet peeves is when someone pulls out in front of me dangerously close (even though there are NO cars behind me and they only would’ve had to wait for 15 additional seconds for me to pass by) and I honk at them and then they get all bent out of shape for pointing out that they are driving stupid, so then they gesture wildly in their cars, getting angrier and angrier, like HOW DARE YOU MASH YOUR CAR’S NOISE-MAKING IMPLEMENT! DON’T YOU KNOW I AM ABOVE SUCH REPROACH? Once I honked at someone on the highway for trying to kill me and 20 miles later, they passed me and all the children in the car were hollering and waving their arms around at me. That’s like 20 whole minutes of continuing to be angry because their mama can’t drive.

But besides drivers, I am having to actively write notes to myself as reminders to not be affected by other people’s negativity and complaininess, which makes me feel like a hippie and/or my high school English teacher, who writes stuff on her Facebook page about the beauty of the moon and how the trees are whispering and stuff.

8 Responses to “Towels! Honking!”

  1. gorjus said:






  2. poobou said:

    *If* someone comes to my house and is generous enough to help me with folding laundry, then I don’t give a flip how the towels are folded. As long as it’s one less housework-y job for me, I’m happy.

    Oh, but my husband’s stepmother will totally unfold and re-fold the towels if you do them wrong. Which I apparently do. (But according to her, I do pretty much everything wrong. Which is why I’m thankful she lives in England and she’s scared to fly, so she will never ever come to my house.)

    Btw, the crazy driving thing? There’s a level of Crazy Driving that exists solely in Jackson. I forget how terrible the drivers are there until I visit and have to drive my mom’s car someplace. So yeah, I can see how that would drive you the Ledge of Annoyances if you had to do it every day.

  3. bizaleth said:

    I’ve only driven around Jackson once so I can’t really comment on drivers in Jackson. But drivers in Oxford? Don’t even get me started.

    Is your high school English teacher from or in the Pacific Northwest? Because we’re crazy with that whispering howling tree wolves hippie shit.

  4. Frenchie said:

    I enjoyed Jane Smiley’s MOO — but haven’t read any of her other titles. I think you’d like that one, but it’s true that I read it about 15 years ago.

  5. Sally said:

    Biz: you nailed it! She lives outside of Seattle.

    Poobou: what if the towels were WIDER and TALLER folded the weird way?

  6. ap said:

    Oh how I long to be a person that is able to accept someone’s towel-folding kindness (or any other domestic chore kindness) without even noticing the manner in which they are folded (or crammed) in the cabinet. But I am not. I notice. And while I don’t say anything because I keep thinking that by not saying anything, I’ll be that much closer to becoming that type of person, I notice. Oh I notice. But I don’t refold.

  7. Ruby said:

    My husband, bless his punkin head, was not allowed to fold towels until he learned how. My mother, who taught me to fold towels the way I do, folds them wrong when she comes to my house.

    What did I ever to to her?

    Nevermind…let’s not ask.

  8. Mix said:

    My dad had a very specific way that he wanted us to fold towels, which was different from the way that we wanted to fold towels. So I was towel-socialized early in life, which helps me to deal with the fact that none of the towels in my house are folded the same way. Well, the ones that I wash and dry are folded my way, and the one’s that le husband washes and dries are folded his way. But he’s washing and drying them, so I can’t really complain, I don’t think.

    I love to honk. People drive crazy here.