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1 Mar 2010

This Post is Irrelevant.

Written by sally @ 3:19 pm — Section: sally

So yesterday I went to login and found not the lovable masthead that has been in place since 2005, but a plain black background with some annoying red words. Those words said something like “Ha ha! You’ve been running a ridiculously old-ass version of WordPress and we have found the cracks and hacked your site! We find your stories too hilarious too endure and must shut you down.” So anyway, my tech consult, gclark, said he couldn’t fix it, and then I whined to Total Choice Hosting, who said “oh yeah btw your version of WordPress is really old and perhaps you should rebuild your whole site from scratch” and then I just ignored the whole thing and so today I sent out an email to a few people alerting them to this OBVIOUSLY SEVERE CRISIS and I set up a temporary site because god knows I can’t go a few days without reporting something terribly important like a vanity tag that says WAR1812 and then I emailed Total Choice Hosting again and asked if they knew someone who could fix this for me, and after all of that gnashing and emailing, this nice man named Dick wrote me back and said OH HEY EVERYTHING IS FIXED.

So this post is moot. But still: WAR1812!

3 Responses to “This Post is Irrelevant.”

  1. poobou said:

    Yay! You’re fixed!

  2. ap said:

    Three cheers for Dick!

  3. christy said:

    I love Dick! But really, I was scared when the page wouldn’t load. Glad to see it’s all fixed.