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19 Oct 2007

Things That Will Not Interest You. BELIEVE ME.

Written by sally @ 3:15 pm — Section: sally

1. I got a haircut yesterday. I like to let my hair look as horrid as possible the day I get my hair cut so that it will look all that much better when I leave the salon, and man: I outdid myself yesterday. It was Nolte-esque.
2. I have done a good deal of Christmas shopping already and this weekend, I plan to plunge further into the abyss of insanity and actually start wrapping them. I know. You don’t have to say it.
3. Can you think of a good reason that a white van would back into your neighbor’s driveway, then 5-10 minutes later, drive away? What about if they came back and backed into the driveway, then left 5-10 minutes later again? What if they came back at least 5 times within an hour? Would you feel guilty that you didn’t get up and write down their license plate just in case they were some sort of bizarrely confident late afternoon thieves? (Later, when you were taking a shower and the cat decided to jump on top of the dresser and knock everything off, would you imagine that the White Van Killers were in your house, methodically working their way down the street? No? Ha ha! Me either.)
4. My coworker has been repeatedly telling me about this horrible casserole her mother made when she was little (she ate a bite, then threw up on her plate). These are the ingredients:
–cream of mushroom soup
–chunks of mushy biscuit dough throughout, not on top
–hard boiled eggs

2 Responses to “Things That Will Not Interest You. BELIEVE ME.”

  1. mix said:

    Actually, white van killers DO interest me! You forget that I’m the type of person who turns my lights off and spies through the blinds when my neighbors have fights in their driveway. They totally forget that they yell LOUDLY and that people can hear/spy on them from the comfort of their own tiny bathrooms. Yay!

  2. RD said:

    My son gave me a cold, so that casserole actually sounds good.