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3 Feb 2011

The Snow Flurry of Death is Coming.

Written by sally @ 2:00 pm — Section: sally

A few weeks ago, the essay on the back page of the NYT Book Review was about the first mystery novel, published in serial form in 1865. People of the world: I have acquired a copy of The Notting Hill Mystery and it is fantastic! Despite the language barrier (“Having once swallowed the original imposition, any additional absurdity was of course easily disposed of, and it was now determined to avoid all occasion for offence”), this was a really interesting murder mystery. Not to give anything away, but there is poisoning, a duel, some premature twins, one of them is stolen by gypsies (!), and then there is bunch of stuff about hypnotism. I am not generally a fan of murder mysteries, but I may have to start exclusively reading ones from the 1860s.

Speaking of things I may have to start doing, about a year ago I got a Twitter account, only I didn’t know what to do with it and so I abandoned it, and then I got another, but under my actual name, which was a dumb idea because my brother follows me and now I can’t say anything nasty (because you know how I’m all FUCKITY SHIT Y’ALL FUUUUUCK all the time), and then I decided “wale, maybe I could tell the internet about Twitter and see how that goes and maybe I won’t die from not being anonymous” and so if you would like, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking here. My actual first name is revealed! Please be gentle.

Well, gotta go. Apparently we are about to get a snow flurry and so everyone is crying. Sample comment on a list of closures posted by a tv station:

what is wrong with Hinds County School district??????? Are they waiting for the worst before they make a decision?? LOOK AT THE RADAR!!!!!!!!!!

I promise I did not alter this comment in any way.

One Response to “The Snow Flurry of Death is Coming.”

  1. poobou said:

    Oh I do so love the excessive punctuation usage in that comment.

    And now I feel special because I’ve been following you on Twitter for ages. Heh.