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11 Apr 2011

The Place Looked Clean.

Written by sally @ 7:16 am — Section: sally

The Place Where the Boy Pointed
It was ten days after the event
when the son of the man who had lain in the hay
took me back to the loft where we’d once played,
but this time it wasn’t to play, though for what

I didn’t know, he just said, “Come on,”
and when I came, and there we stood
in the spider-web gloom and wasp-glint light,
he stood, his face white in shadow, and pointed.

I stared at the place, but the hay was clean,
which was strange, for I’d been hearing them tell
how a 12-gauge will make an awful mess
if you put the muzzle in your mouth.

I kept thinking about how the place looked clean.
I kept wondering who had cleaned up the mess.

–Robert Penn Warren

(from Selected Poems, 1923-1975. Random House, 1976. p. 171.)

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