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6 Aug 2010

The Oh Nothing.

Written by sally @ 1:44 pm — Section: sally

At lunch, after a delicious and much-needed shrimp chimichanga, I went to the grocery store to get my poor child more applesauce. Is there a worse feeling than your tiny spawn saying, “I want more applesauce” and having to say, “Sorry, dude”? (Yes: I call him dude.) While there, I impulse bought some of those candy orange slices and learned that a serving size is 3 slices. As a champion candy consumer I thought I would probably end up deciding that 7-8 was an appropriate serving size, but after the second one my tongue got all raw and apparently the first layer of tongue skin was burned off by the sugar. It’s like what happens when you eat Cap’n Crunch, only it’s not because of the friction. Anyway. I have a bunch left if you want them.

What I really wanted, anyway, were some of those Sunkist Fruit Gems. My grandparents sold individually wrapped ones at their store once upon a time, and man, those were delicious (and you could totally eat more than two without your tongue feeling like you spent several hours licking some asphalt). I haven’t seen those in a really long time, but if you see them, let me know where.

Television has been so good these days, and I’m enjoying not feeling burdened by tons of stuff to watch. True Blood is insane and amazing, Mad Men is broody and quiet, Bethenny Getting Married? has provided me with more entertainment than I thought possible from a Real Housewives spinoff. Seriously: I have laughed aloud, I have cried tears on more than one occasion. It is weird. I have also gotten sucked into the pretty poorly written Rizzoli and Isles just because Angie Harmon, despite her Republican ways, is just so pretty. I have terrible standards. And Top Chef is good! And Project Runway just started! Television is my oyster!

My birthday was this week, and you know how on Facebook you see it’s someone’s birthday and you think about leaving a comment but then you think “oh whatever, it’s just a Facebook birthday greeting, it doesn’t matter if I say anything or not”? It turns out it was still incredibly nice to hear from randoms on the occasion of my 37th birthday. My favorite was from this boy who I COULD NOT STAND in middle school and high school, who accused me of stealing candy from him and cheating off of his tests (I did not steal his candy; I did cheat off his tests). That guy wished me a happy birthday.

I also discovered that the all-staff-signed-this-because-we-made-them birthday card at work was nice as well. Who knew? I keep opening it and laughing, thinking about some of the people who were forced to tell me happy birthday even though they probably can’t stand me.

One Response to “The Oh Nothing.”

  1. Christy said:

    I saw individually wrapped Fruit Gems at Staples of all places. I guess they’re a popular office candy selection?