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24 Sep 2014

The Last Letter from Your Author.

Written by sally @ 3:25 pm — Section: sally

I’ve been reading a lot of what I’m very sexist-ly calling ladyfiction. It’s like Fiction: For Her! Much like the Bic pens that are also For Her, ladyfiction concerns the following:

–true love
–fate interfering with said true love
–tears (mine)
–an implausibly happy ending

If this sounds like a great way to pass the evening, you might consider reading Jojo Moyes. The Girl You Left Behind is the best (includes, but is not limited to: France, painting, war, love, thievery, grief, love, strife), then Me Before You (do you like British quadriplegics and crying your eyes out? then you’ll love this book!), then The Last Letter from Your Lover (that title…is awful). Look, I have devoured three of these in the past month, so I’m not judging. We all need a little strifey true love in our lives. However, I am also not necessarily recommending them, as I would not say they are high literature.

Last night on Twitter, I also did not say that they are high literature. In fact, I said that they were dumb (note: they ARE dumb). And even though I did not tag Jojo Moyes in my “hey I read some dumb books” tweet, she replied back (note: cheeky!) and apologized (CHEEKY!). And while I am embarrassed, let’s not forget that she had to search for herself in order to find my tweet and then cheekily respond.

I can’t quite decide if I think it’s awesome or horrible that saying “this book is dumb” out into the ether will get you a response from the author.

Remind me not to say anything bad about Hitler! I do NOT want that guy in my Twitter feed.

3 Responses to “The Last Letter from Your Author.”

  1. Mix said:

    I love dumb books! Strife, heartache, and tears are the stuff of magic.

  2. poobou said:

    …And this right here is why I’m glad I have my Twitter account locked.

  3. Danielle said:

    This is perfection.