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6 Dec 2004

The Golden Girls vs. Spam.

Written by sally @ 11:29 am — Section: sally

bulb sent out an email directing us to look at Choose the Blue, a website that reports what political parties companies donated to–and how much.

While most companies were split, several companies or products gave 100% of their donations to one party or the other. Here is an incomplete list of those hardcore supporters.

Hard Rock Cafe
Martha Stewart Living magazine
That 70’s Show
The Golden Girls
Ralph Lauren
Charlotte Bobcats
Colorado Rockies

Dinty Moore
Oberto Beef Jerky
Biker Magazine
Bunny bread
Dollar General
New Orleans Saints
Super Cuts
Fruit of the Loom

Generally, grocery stores, airlines, car rentals, and hotels support the Republicans; casinos, book publishers, and music labels support the Democrats.

There were many, many funny ones that hovered around 98%, but there were too many to list. Click here to make your own boycott or support list. Me, I’m going to find it easy to avoid Spam and Biker Magazine, but Dollar General and Bunny bread are breaking my heart.

10 Responses to “The Golden Girls vs. Spam.”

  1. gclark said:

    i don’t think they have bunny bread up here in [lake village].

    and that’s a good thing. i hated that damned rabbit on the pkg.

  2. Sally said:

    I bought a fresh loaf yesterday. Damn, but that Bunny Bread stays fresh a long time.

  3. gorjus said:

    it’s the evil–that special ingredient!

  4. ceo said:

    Ingredient X is obviously the ground-up dignity of the American Working Man. Damned red states.

  5. gclark said:

    heh. nice one, ceo.

  6. jp! said:

    yeah, i like Bunny Bread. I try to only buy the ‘Plaintation Style’, as it is made by slaves and tastes better.

  7. Sally said:

    Yeah…the loaf I bought is Plantation Style. Welcome to the south.

  8. gclark said:

    no shit? there’s really a “plantation style?”

  9. Sally said:

    I was going to take a picture of it this morning, but I didn’t have time.

  10. Kathleen said:

    You guys are lucky. Jordache scored 53% Democratic, otherwise it would be very un-Jordache of you to continue to say it.