28 Nov 2005

Thanksgiving: A Photo Essay.

Written by sally @ 7:54 am — Section: sally

I’m out of pocket again today, but here’re some pictures that describe my Thanksgiving:

Cats and dogs fighting.

The table, which I set around 7:30 that morning. It’s important to be prepared.

I told you all I cared about were the desserts.

I reunited with my old friend Tom. And yes, that’s a dollhouse in the background. What?

Photos lost due to forgetting to take them in the first place: my brief freakout when the rolls burned; going to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (and telling a girl to “shut up” when she started talking); reading the entire Sunday New York Times without getting up and then taking a two-hour nap; watching 17 hours of Law and Order: Criminal Intent; starting Never Let Me Go.

7 Responses to “Thanksgiving: A Photo Essay.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    Lulu looks like a hell hound.

  2. Prof. Fury said:

    This “girl”–you didn’t make her cry, did you?

  3. sally said:

    She didn’t cry. She turned to her brother or boyfriend or whoever and they both cracked up.

  4. RD said:

    I too saw Harry Potter–at a screen on the Oregon coast. I believe it may have been the loggers’/dairy farmers’ first time at the movies, based on the fact that they never shut the hell up. Not once. Dirty Carhartt overalls at the one-screen theater should always be a tipoff.

  5. larry ferrari said:

    Dirty Carhartt Overalls…did Sally secretly post a picture of me from Thanksgiving day morning?

    Sadly, I am not making this up. It was part of my turkey frying getup.

  6. gorjus said:

    Look at that dessert sideboard! It’s like a wonderad for Fiestaware and good times.

  7. Jaxxie said:

    I’m glad to see you survived Thanksgiving dinner. Your table looks lovely!!