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10 Nov 2008

Bob v. Grey.

Written by sally @ 4:47 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Do you care that I got a flu shot this morning? No? I didn’t think so. Instead of hearing that uninteresting story, take a look at Larry’s two office cats kicking each other’s asses instead, why don’t you:


2 Responses to “Bob v. Grey.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    This photo does not do their massive girth justice! I think Bob weighed 15 or 16 pounds at his last doctor’s appointment. Grey is the other one. I am not telling you which one is which to protect their identity.

    Interesting side note: That doctor’s visit was where I learned Bob was a he and not a she, as originally thought for 2 years. Bob is really fluffy.

  2. corie said:

    OFFICE CATS? Jealous.