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3 Jun 2019

Ten Things for Monday.

Written by sally @ 3:38 pm — Section: sally

1. I paid off my student loans last week!
2. I rediscovered the John Wesley Harding album The Name Above the Title and lo, it is 1996 all over again, except good this time.
3. The person who mispronounces everything hit me with a doozy last week. Guess, if you will, what “complebent” was supposed to be. I will literally give you a million dollars if you do. This is not a legally binding promise.
4. I had a dream the other night that I went to France, and the moment I got there it was revealed that I was the victim of a known scam: steal everything from people when they first get to France. I had no phone, wallet, passport, medicine, nothing. I eventually got stressed out enough to wake up.
5. Looking in the Notes section of my phone just now, I saw another dream about how The Wave was coming to Jackson. Instead of being a dorky communal excitement experience, this was a literal wave of water. It was very stressful and once I woke up, I stayed awake for a very long time trying to plot how I would deal with The Wave. How do I get all the cats in the car? What if my neighbors aren’t home but their dog is outside? Should I take him too? Hours of plotting my course.
6. Haha, another dream in the Notes: I was a nurse and my college boyfriend came into the ward. Quote: “I believe there was some marital deceit.”
7. I just had to break the news to a vendor that my workplace is not going to go with his product after all. It was like a breakup. It was maybe worse than a breakup. “I appreciate you telling me. Obviously I wanted a different answer. May I ask which vendor you went with? Huh. REALLY. Well. That’s INTERESTING. Huh. Ok. Well. Thanks for telling me. I hope we can keep in touch.” #rough
8. gross
9. I was typing “gross” into a chat box, or at least I intended to, so I’m leaving it there.
10. I didn’t have ten things to say, but I made it.

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