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25 Nov 2008

Ten Reasons Today is Not Awesome.

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It’s not a bad day, just not a great one. Here is a list why.

1. Right eye was stuck shut this morning. Am wearing glasses and no eye makeup.
2. Due to blurred vision, chose unfortunate maroon pants that were washed with something linty and dried hanging up when the dryer was broken last week.
3. Paired unfortunately linty pants with a brown and white striped sweater. Not that cute together.
4. Because the shoes I wore yesterday ate a hole in my heel, am wearing mom-ish slip-on sneakers.
5. Was running late and forgot to look at hair while styling. (Yes. This is possible.)
6. Ate disappointing salad for lunch.
7. Only have boring projects to work on.
8. Took home the book I could totally sit here and read today under the guise of doing research.
9. Am jealous of those whose Thanksgiving holidays have already started.
10. Am mad that those whose Thanksgiving holidays have already started are not on their computers and therefore are not sharing things on Google Reader.

If I think of anything else I will let you know.

(I feel inclined to point out a few good things, just for balance: there is NO ONE here today, so I don’t have to pretend to look busy; the baby slept through the night last night; Larry changed his gmail status message to “Larry Ferrari is proudly married to Liz Lemon”; I got the brownies I won in the bet!)

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