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14 Nov 2007

Tell Me Why!

Written by sally @ 3:33 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Fellow DVR-ers, let me tell you something: you need to start recording 120 Minutes off of VH1 Classic. It’s usually on at like 3 in the morning on random days of the week, and when you feel like watching tv but cannot handle another police procedural — actually, this never happens; I am always in the mood for another police procedural — you will have two glorious hours of videos from bands you used to love.

Larry and I have been doing this lately, and people: it is delightful. Last night we got to see lots of great things, like the Smiths’ incredibly boring video for “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” and the Boomtown Rats’ video for “I Don’t Like Mondays,” which led Larry to say, “I’m surprised you know this song,” which enraged my 80s sensibilities and led me to snottily pontificate upon the new wave/alternative music radio options in Dallas in the mid- to late 80s, which I’m sure he wanted to hear.

In other news, you know that Project Runway starts tonight, right? I don’t care if she doesn’t know how to put a diaper on correctly; I love the Klum.

4 Responses to “Tell Me Why!”

  1. poobou said:

    My DVR has been set for Project Runway for over a week. Sad, I know. But I can’t wait.

    It occurs to me that maybe the Klum was being fashion-forward with the string around the diaper. Like, “hmm, what this ensemble really needs is a little belt.” (Although I’m still hoping that the whole thing was a joke that got misinterpreted.)

  2. gclark said:

    thx for the 120m tip. i wasn’t aware of that.

  3. gclark said:

    this “120 minutes” wasn’t quite what i thought it was going to be.


  4. sally said:

    Dude, your disappointment and disapproval is killing me.