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25 Mar 2010


Written by sally @ 2:14 pm — Section: sally

American Idol:
Everyone sucks. Worst season ever. I find myself actually rooting for that 12-year old kid who sings ballads; at least he’s not Tim Urban.

Real Housewives:
I want — nay, need — more episodes featuring Simon and Alex sending their children into the other room and then 10,000 shots of the children sitting miserably on the couch waiting to return. Alex and Simon are weirdos, fo sho, but they are the closest thing to actual humans on the show, and I need more of their wacky life. And less Kelly.

Project Runway:
Is it me, or is this season really good? The only problem with ProjWay is that as the series has gone on, they have more talent and less crazies, which makes for thoughtful, interesting designs, but bad reality tee vee. Speaking of: I read in Food and Wine that Michael Voltaggio has two small children. Nicely played, Evil Voltaggio Brother!

Situation comedies:
30 Rock: is my #1 favorite, although Porn for Women? Sexist, and not even funny enough to justify it!
Community: is my #2 favorite. I am still not over cracking up at this.
The Office: has become unbearable.
Parks and Recreation: only gets recorded so we can watch the last 30 seconds of Community, which the TiVo always cuts off.

If I were at home right now, I’d delete this post and go watch some tv. But instead I’m at work, so I’ma press Publish.

6 Responses to “TELEVISION, I LOVE YOU.”

  1. poobou said:

    I’m liking Project Runway this season a lot, although yeah, it does seem like the crazies (i.e. Ping and her butt-flap dress) get weeded out pretty quickly. It’s still fun, though.

  2. Christy said:

    I decided the problem with The Office is that none of the characters have one iota of joy left. It used to be they got irritated and rolled their eyes at each other, but deep down they loved each other. Now, I think they genuinely all despise each other. This especially breaks my heart with Jim.

    If only I would devote this much thought to things that deserve it. Oh well!

  3. beth said:

    You’ve got to give Parks and Rec another shot. It’s matured a LOT since it premiered and it is really great.

  4. slo said:

    Aaron Kelly’s mom’s name is Kelly Kelly. Also, he wears pleather button down shirts. Finally, will they ever do a Journey night? Seriously, Steve Perry, you are not too good for American Idol.

  5. mix said:

    I love t.v. too. Yayhoo! I watched that one semi-awful season of PR, and now I keep forgetting to watch it. Bahhh.

  6. Katrina said: