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8 Dec 2005

Television Postscript!

Written by sally @ 7:55 am — Section: Uncategorized

So, moments after I wrote last night’s post I started watching America’s Next Top Model and didn’t realize until then that it was the season finale! Way to go, advertising team. Usually, the finale is a long, drawn-out, painful process; last night’s way — cramming two hours into one poorly edited hour — was so much better. Maybe they did that because after watching for two hours last time only to find that Naima won was a major let down. So Nicole won, and while she is whiny, she takes a pretty picture. Especially when all her teeth aren’t hanging out.

And then! Project Runway! How I love thee! gorjus came over and we drank chambord + champagne. Then we named our drink “santinos,” after one of the contestants, which turned into “santinis.” And then when the actual human Santino became an asshole we could say, my drink is so pompous! my drink thinks it’s going to win every challenge!

So the icky Daniel came back for Season 2, fragile and on the verge of an ego-crushing breakdown at every moment, and during his initial interview he uttered some pure Daniel words, which I repeated ad nauseum last night. Tim Gunn (hot bitch) made some comment about the essence of Daniel’s work and Daniel said, That sounds like truth to me.

gorjus: Want another santini?
Sally: That sounds like truth to me.

And then this bald guy started crying about cutting up his jean jacket, and Nina Garcia dismissed his pain and apparent torment by saying, “I don’t really need to hear this,” and gorjus fell in love with an awkward Asian girl and pined for her whenever she came on screen, and then the old version of Starr from last year got voted off or maybe it was the younger version of Jay McCarroll? I can’t remember. Seriously. I was drunk so I went to bed and gorjus went home.

18 Responses to “Television Postscript!”

  1. abby said:

    I did NOT like Santino. He has crooked eyes. Plus his beard looked pubey.
    I love Awkward Asian Girl very much.
    I miss Jay already.

  2. biz said:

    Santino looks like Rasputin. I liked the awkward Asian girl, too.

  3. Prof. Fury said:

    Last night’s ANTM visits from Naima were just painful to behold. I think they ended up squeezing the finale into one hour because that means that Naima’s reign will end one hour earlier. But still not soon enough.

  4. gorjus said:

    Oh!! I heart Diana! She makes math fun! And, er, math clothes!

    Santinis are delicious. The real Santino appears to lose his mind by fighting with Nina Garcia. She’s the GATEKEEPER, fool!! If she hates you, it doesn’t matter what thoughts are fluttering about under yr Tiny Tim hat! Do not offend her!

    The current crop of folks has about a thousandth of the starpower of last year’s. And who doesn’t love Wendy Pepper pimping herself to horrified onlookers, fully aware of who she is, by saying “Did you watch season one??”

  5. Polly said:

    i thought santino looked like some skinny pirate.

  6. Lucy said:

    Daniel Franco, while annoying, designed an effing fabulous outfit in the Clothes Off My Back Challenge. It was hott. It should have won instead of that crappy Units dress Chloe designed. Pregnant Heidi is aDORable. I. Love. Project Runway.

  7. Liz said:

    Yea for DVR and Krista taping this for us to watch! I was just glad to see the blond southern lady go. I didn’t think I could spend too many nights watching her hug everyone and talk about lace. Also hate black woman who said she’d be good because she’d bring diversity to the group, and who said she didn’t “believe in fairness,” and who then designed ass dress and groveled in front of the judges.

  8. gorjus said:

    Hee. Liz, you sound so harsh! “Hate Southern woman. Hate black woman. Hate the lace.”

    I had a friend tell me a fantastic new title for “DVR”–“TiFaux.”

  9. sally said:

    Liz, I talk EXACTLY like that blonde Southern girl. No, really! And I’m always running around hugging people as well.

  10. biz said:

    I was pulling for the southern girl from Alabama, but then her design turned out to be not so good. And boring. It looked like one of our students might wear… And I thought the other guy might be Jay number 2 but then he also turned out to be rather dull.

  11. Liz said:

    If you sign up to be on a reality show, you are at my mercy. ha. Would it have been less harsh if I’d known their names? I like the southern accent; I think in the blond woman’s case it was more the way she had elevnty billion “Think IN” posters on her wall and was a little spazzy.

  12. Lucy said:

    And the problem with the African-American woman wasn’t her race; it was the fact that there was asscheek all over the runway as a result of her design.

  13. sally said:

    Liz, ha ha! Made you kind of apologize!

    I don’t sound like that at all, although gorjus and Larry totally do. I mean, they make self-inspiring signs and hug people and talk about lace constantly.

  14. poobou said:

    I finally watched Project Runway today on DVR, and wow, that was great. The southern accent chick made me laugh because she sounds like my fake southern accent (which I learned to do by impersonating the girls I went to high school with). But I’m glad she got booted, because she was really annoying.

    Santino has an adam’s apple that could cut glass. He’s gross. I want to give Awkward Asian Girl a hug. And I predict that the African-American woman, she of the ass-dress and the “no I won’t double-up my shoes to make room for anyone else’s stuff in the closet,” will get into a catfight with someone (probably one of the gay boys) before the show is over.

  15. gorjus said:

    Oh, yeah. I forgot about the terrible “YOU’RE IN!!” creepy signs all over the house.

    I’m still not convinced it was bad to have “asscheek all over the runway.” Judging from the squeals of delight I heard last year when Robert was shown pants-less.

  16. Liz said:

    Ooohhh…got me!

  17. gorjus said:

    Um. I do hug people, and I do have a pretty thick accent, I guess. But I don’t make too many signs.

  18. poobou said:

    “Asscheek all over the runway” is only inexcusable because the evil designer lady tried to blame the model for having a big butt. And seriously, she’s a MODEL. A size zero is too big on her. How big can her ass possibly be?