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5 Apr 2010


Written by sally @ 9:00 am — Section: sally

1. I don’t think I’m doing National Poetry Month this year.
2. I gave up fries for Lent, which turned out to mean that I ate no hamburgers either, since you can’t eat one without the other, and then I couldn’t eat a po’boy because fries just go with po’boys, and I couldn’t eat at Keifer’s either because I will be damned if I go to Keifer’s and not get the cottage fries, and anyway, today at lunch I will be having a Big Mac (shut up, haters) and some fries, and it will be awesome and delicious and I CANNOT WAIT.
3. Although I recently expressed my devotion to the Real Housewives of New York City, I think it might be over. Before, at least some of them genuinely seemed to like each other, but now it’s obvious they all hate each other, and when they get together and are not screaming at each other, one will say “HEY REMEMBER WHEN YOU SAID THAT TERRIBLE THING” and then the screaming begins. It’s lame. And Ramona’s fake lunchtime father tears pushed me over the edge.
4. Did you know that Spike is almost TWO YEARS OLD?
5. That is all.

One Response to “Stuff.”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    I gave up Real Housewives of OC for Lent and cracked out Sunday and Monday watching all the tivoed episodes. So happy to have them back, but did realize, they argue about the same stuff in every episode.