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17 May 2011

Skoob and VT.

Written by sally @ 2:53 pm — Section: sally

Hey, I finally finished Bossypants. I bought it, I hated the cover, I started it, I put it away, Spike and I were at a bookstore and he saw it on the shelf and hollered MOMMY HAVE THAT BOOK, finally I took the cover off and took it to the beach, I read it, I giggled, the end.

I think I was most impressed that like myself, Tina Fey also could not get hired at a Ruby Tuesday. (My favorite quote of 1999 came from my friend Steve, who, upon hearing that Ruby Tuesday denied me, said this: “That fuckin’ midget from Austin Powers just made a million dollars and you can’t even get a job at Ruby Tuesday.” If it wouldn’t be confusing, I would have that put on my tombstone.) But yes: I liked Bossypants, although something kept me from loving it. Was it the strange order the essays were in? Was it that part of them were straight memoir, part of them comic essays? I don’t know. Tina Fey would remain my personal hero even if her book were as bad as that one Steve Martin book that gorjus and I bought at the Dollar Tree, thinking we had really gotten away with something, only to find that we had been ripped off.

Now I’m reading Cakewalk by Kate Moses, which is pretty much the perfect book for me. It’s a memoir FRAMED BY CAKE and includes CAKE RECIPES. I think this type of memoir is my favorite: someone not famous writing well about his or her fairly ordinary life. WITH CAKE!

What else have I read lately? The Hound of the Baskervilles. I felt like a big nerd for never having read any Sherlock Holmes, but now I have, and it was delightful, the end.

In television news, I am only watching American Idol out of the corner of my eye (meaning I fast forward to just the singing parts until I’ve had enough, which is roughly 30 seconds). As usual, America, you have disappointed me with your musical tastes. However, so far The Voice is pretty good! The main difference is that most of the people can sing (except that one girl that everyone seems to love who sounds like Stevie Nicks…ISN’T ONE OF THOSE ENOUGH??). And I’m watching Top Chef Masters, and everything on Masterpiece Theatre is awesome lately, and Mildred Pierce blew my mind, but basically I get an hour in the evening to either watch tv or read or do something that isn’t kid-related, so I have drastically cut down on the old tv-watching. Oh my god, and Treme. Treme! So good! Um, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent AND Los Angeles. So maybe I haven’t cut down that much. Whatever.

One Response to “Skoob and VT.”

  1. Laurie said:

    Like you, I wanted to love Bossypants but just couldn’t get there. I kept thinking that hilarity would ensue in the next chapter, but it never did.