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16 Nov 2010

Shooting, Naturally.

Written by sally @ 10:22 am — Section: sally

In the summer of 1993 I worked at a grocery store in a little town out in east Texas, where my mother was living. I went on a date to the horse races with one of the baggers, and today I went hunting for him on Facebook.

The problem with looking for people you never did know all that well is that after you squint at the picture and factor in the ravages of time, it’s still nearly impossible to figure out if the person you’re looking at is the person you once ate a chimichanga with in Bossier City.

So I’m looking at this person a moment ago, and he is totally bald and has a beard. I have no photos of my chimichanga/horse race date, so I am relying merely on memory here. His photo is ridiculously small. Some info is available to people who are not yet his friend.

Activities: Shooting, Listening to Rush Limbaugh, Motorcycling
Music: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Interests: Anything About Guns, John Boehner

One Response to “Shooting, Naturally.”

  1. poobou said:

    Oh god, PLEASE tell me you didn’t friend him?