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16 Aug 2010


Written by sally @ 8:10 pm — Section: sally

I was just perusing the latest Daedalus Books catalog that I got in the mail, sadly turning each page filled with discounted books that I won’t be able to purchase for my Kindle-owning relatives for whom I usually buy books at the low, low price of $2.98. Not only can you not buy a Kindle book for someone — you can only give them an Amazon gift card and suggest they choose the book you had in mind, but that violates the concept of a gift card, which is HEY BUY WHAT YOU WANT — but I have noticed that in the spirit of once you go black, you never go back (popular in my high school), Kindle readers want to be exclusive Kindle readers. Which is fine! Read your cold robot books all day! See if I care! Except I enjoy the bargain shopping, and the Kindle ruins this.

I like bargain shopping so much I started a blog where I posted the stuff I got for super discount (cargo pants at Banana Republic for $5.97 each? yes, please), but it bored even me, so after a few posts, I abandoned it. I now just have to bask in the memories of my discount purchases instead of having them documented. Pity!

A few weeks ago at Books-a-Million, they were having a sidewalk sale and for my [insert relative here]’s birthday, I bought a book of True Stories by People Who Engage in the Same Hobby [He/She] Does, which was my favorite price: one dollar. Bonus: it didn’t even have the black marker on the bottom that indicates “I am a remainder, and unloved.” A week later, I received a thank you note; along with the thanks, [insert relative here] included the news that [he/she] got a Kindle for [his/her] birthday. Sigh. One less person I can buy a dollar book for.

2 Responses to “Schmindle.”

  1. ap said:

    I’m willing to serve as a stand-in discount-book-receiving relative.

  2. Sally said:

    AP, I will keep you in mind next time I browse. Please submit a list of favorite authors/genres/hobbies for premium $1 book selection.