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10 Nov 2007


Written by sally @ 7:30 pm — Section: sally

The Departed was on tv tonight. Man. Have y’all seen this movie? I remembered that it was good, I remembered the part with Martin Sheen and the sploosh!, but other than that, it was all new. Leonardo, make more movies.

3 Responses to “Saturday.”

  1. poobou said:

    The Departed was SUCH a good movie. I went into it as not a big fan of Leo (nothing against him, I just thought he was sort of “meh”), and after that, wow. It was amazing. Matt Damon was also awesome as the wormy bad guy.

  2. e* said:

    Did you remember how hot that psychotherapist girlfriend was?

  3. site admin said:

    I remembered how hot her leg was, that’s for sure.