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17 Dec 2006

Reality Bites. (Might Be the Most Overused Title of All Time.)

Written by sally @ 10:22 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Two signs that the end of reality television’s reign is near:

1. Armed and Famous, where the semi-famous (Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson, et cetera) become cops.

2. You’re the One That I Want, where people compete to star in a new Broadway production of Grease.

Look, I love reality television when something good happens at the end: Top Chef, Project Runway, Survivor (speaking of, yay Yul!), Top Model, et cetera, so the Grease show might not be terrible. But I am OFFICIALLY TIRED OF FAMOUS PEOPLE DOING FUNNY THINGS. I’m looking at you, Dancing with the Stars and that ice skating show I never watched.

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