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6 Dec 2004


Written by sally @ 9:30 am — Section: sally

A few weeks ago, Larry called on his way to work and excitedly told me the following, which made no sense:

You have to go the long way to work and pass State Street and Woodrow Wilson. There’s a man with a dummy and a huge sign and it’s about Jesus and the dummy and…you have to see it. Bring your camera.

Even though I sighed and rolled my eyes, I dutifully took my camera to the corner of Woodrow Wilson and State, but the man and his dummy were gone. It was raining pretty hard by the time I got down there, so I figured they had both gotten a little hungry and decided to eat a Snickers bar and wait out the rain.

His sign, though, was still standing there. It pretty much says it all. I wish I’d seen the dummy.


6 Responses to “Rapture.”

  1. gorjus said:

    yeek!! i saw the “dummy preacher” during the campaign; i was walking up east capitol from miller’s, and–see, the dummy rides on his back sometimes, and sometimes he carries him, right??

    and i waaaay ran across the street. v. v. scary.

  2. pinky said:

    HE’S IN STARKVILLE, TOO!!! He left his sign on the side of Jackson and 82. He’s really scary and that dummy freaks me the fuck out.

  3. Sally said:

    If someone could scrape up a picture of the dude and his dummy, I’d be soooo appreciative.

  4. herman rarebell said:

    the morning after the election, this guy was working the northside/frontage rd. intersection. he had posted signs at all corners. the one nearest me had a line proclaiming “the beast ronald wilson reagan 666”, then warned of the second coming of said beast.

  5. jp! said:

    rock! i wonder if he realizes how drunk he was that night the dummy ‘rose up’?

  6. Sally said:

    I bet if he heard my chicken go “haaaaaaasssssss,” he’d make another sign. It was my chicken rising up!