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1 Aug 2006

Random Things I Love: August.

Written by sally @ 3:13 pm — Section:

1. I love “Young Turks” by Rod Stewart.

2. I love school supplies. Pens especially, although there are few nicer things than a brand-new notebook.

3. I really love it when it’s my birthday. I’ve never settled in to that “oh (sigh), it’s just another day” thing. It is not just another day. It’s my birthday, which means I try to only do things I want to all day. Although I did unload the dishwasher today.

4. I love Oscar Wilde.

5. I love cheeseburgers. I mean, like, all of them. Fast food, chain resturant, specialty hamburgererie, homemade. CHEESEBURGERS.

6. I love using a paper cutter.

7. I love adding things to my to-do list that I’ve already done just so I can cross them off.

8. I love Cranium.

9. I love the internet, even though I couldn’t figure out what to do with it at first.

10. I love to have peppermint tea and cinnamon toast for breakfast. It gives me almost no nutritional value and guarantees that I will be dying of hunger pangs around 10:30. But I always feel vaguely British and devil-may-care when I have the both of them in the morning.

11. I love hot glue guns. Damn, I seriously love them.

12. I love a poster I have for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s the Andy Warhol Elvis, and across the top it says ELVIS SEEN AT ART MUSEUM!

13. I love personalized stationery. A notepad will do, preferably with a fake name on it. In high school, my mother ordered some notepads for me that said “A memo from Tie-Ski Bones.” That was pretty cool of her, I have to say.

14. I love email.

15. I love completing a terrible task. Oh, the relief.

16. I love reading blogs written by people I find loathesome. Seriously, it is one of my favorite inexplicable pleasures.

17. I love The Birthday by Marc Chagall.

18. I love that in order to protect my friends and family from evil things happening, I have a special technique: I imagine the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to them. Then, that thing can’t possibly happen because I am not psychic, and if I thought it up, there’s no way it could be true! Works great for when you think someone is dead on the highway or while traveling by air.

19. I love this sign that I stole from my ex-boyfriend in high school. I went to his house with my friend Carrie to see what he was up to, and before we rang the doorbell, I yanked up the sign and went and put it in my car. Then we rang the doorbell and hung out with him for awhile. It has moved around with me for around 15 years! I think I stole it in 1990 or so. And here it is, in the backyard:

hi.jpg bye.jpg

20. I love cherry-flavored Laffy Taffy, and really wish I had one of those long Laffy Taffy sticks right now.

21. I love looking at a reel of microfilmed newspaper and finding treasures like terrible haircuts or intriguing lost and found entries.

22. I love eating a chicken salad sandwich with half of an avocado on it for lunch. It feels so…luxurious.

23. I love reading my painful, excrutiating diaries from middle school, high school, college, and beyond. It’s a pretty good record of how things about me have changed — superficial things, like the fact that my handwriting no longer sucks — and how some things about me have been exactly the same since I was 13.

24. I love being able to remember my dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was weeding the collection and that there was a set of black dinner plates on the shelves in between the books. I was going to just take them to the staff lounge, but then remembered that I’d have to take them to cataloging before I could take their barcodes off and put them in the dishwasher.

25. I love an old-school paper cutter, the kind with the giant, menacing arm. (I just noticed I’ve put this one twice. Apparently I really, really love paper cutters!)

26. I love linens. Sheets and blankets and quilts and tablecloths and napkins…oh yeah.

27. I love, and always will love, the Palotino font.

28. I love that my great-grandfather invented a medicine you put on athlete’s foot called NO-SO-TO.

29. I love discovering punctuation errors in books even more than I love finding grammatical errors anywhere.

30. I love — and this may seem obvious — the smell of books. Musty books, new books, comic books, whatever. They all smell good.

31. I love that my whole life, I wanted my cats to sleep with me (they never would), and now I have a cat that sleeps either in the crook of my elbow or knee and pins me down all night.

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