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3 Mar 2010

Quick, Someone Call Hoarders.

Written by sally @ 4:41 pm — Section: sally

The space between my bed and the bedside table is 7 1/2 inches wide.
In that space, I have a magazine rack.
The magazine rack is 5 inches wide.
Over time, after the magazine rack was full, I started piling books and magazines on top of it.
And on the sides.
This has been going on for awhile now.
After I put a Kleenex box on top of the pile the other day, the pile was as tall as the bed.
There are also a few books on the floor.
And under the bedside table.
And of course, on top of the bedside table.

Two nights ago I decided this was ridiculous, even though technically it wasn’t 100% slobby since most of it was off the floor. But then I started pulling books and magazines off the pile, and then when it became clear that it was comical I started counting.

Any guesses?

There were 42 magazines and catalogs. FORTY-TWO! They ranged in size from hefty Real Simples to thinnish Entertainment Weeklys. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were also 16 books. I didn’t even include the six baby books that were in that mess too.

I can’t decide if I should be impressed with my piling abilities or ashamed of myself for not cleaning it out sooner.

4 Responses to “Quick, Someone Call Hoarders.”

  1. Mix said:

    Impressed by the piling abilities. Forty-two! Awesome.

  2. poobou said:

    There are parts of my home that are easily comparable to that type of clutter, so I will just sit here quiet and stone-less in my little glass house.

  3. christy said:

    That’s not hoarding, it’s upcycling.

  4. Ruby said:

    I can’t even begin to discuss this. I also cannot sit in a glass house because I am clumsy and will break it, stones or no. I’d invite you to look at the gorgeous table by the entrance to our home, but it’s piled high with mail, magazines, etc., and you can’t really tell there’s a table there.

    Fantastic piling skills!