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3 Nov 2008

Please Vote on This Important Issue.

Written by sally @ 2:37 pm — Section: Uncategorized

Larry and I have been looking for a new coffee table for YEARS now. Literally, actual years have passed since our coffee table hunt began. Everything is either too expensive, or too clunky, or too dark, or too expensive (my recurring complaint). However, I have found a coffee table that I love. I actually love it! It’s this clear table from CB2. I love the fact that it’s clear: we have a colorful rug and lots of baby crap and this is one way to reduce the visual overstimulation/gobbledygook in the living room. Plus the price is not awful. However, Larry is not fond of it. He says clear acrylic = stripper heels. What say you, internet?

11 Responses to “Please Vote on This Important Issue.”

  1. Lauren said:

    Acrylic is good, especially with a colorful rug. I have seen one in a toddler’s house and it does show fingerprints easily but looked great. I want the nesting tables.
    Vote=not strippery

  2. Danielle said:

    I think it’s kinda neat, actually.

  3. Ashley said:

    I’ve seen it in the store and it didn’t look as good. I was actually blown away by how cheap some of their stuff looked. This one from West Elm is the same price (the Bronze color is actually cheaper), but it might be too clunky…

  4. Jack S. said:

    I saw one at Babe’s downtown the other day at lunch. Other than being in a strip club, I didn’t think it looked excessively stripper-esque. If it only had some room for some goldfish, now that would be a coffee table.

  5. melinda said:

    I am torn. I would vote yes based on style alone. Also it lacks sharp edges, which means it’s already child-proofed and you don’t have to slap it with the ugly-ass corner wedge-thingies currently adorning my own coffee table. But the clearness, it seems, lends itself to much fingerprinting and lots of those round stains left by glasses and such. Unless you are faithful coaster-users. In which case, I do not understand you or your kind and probably should withdraw my opinion.

  6. larry ferrari said:

    Dear sally,

    I plan on searching for the perfect coffee table this evening and will require equal time for my candidate.


    Next it will take us years to pick out coasters we both like.

  7. poobou said:

    Sally, normally I adore your taste in everything decor-related, but on this one I think I have to side with Larry. It does border a bit on stripper-heels territory. Plus, like everyone else said, think of the fingerprints. You’ll be Windexing that thing like every damn day.

  8. rd said:

    $250 for plastic? I like the mod, but no way. Very my-1970’s-attorney-uncle-mod. Not good. keep a-lookin’.

  9. la federala said:

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Larry. The clear is a misery to keep up with. I have a heavy glass office table top.. Don’t get me started with the dust underneath where I can’t reach!!

  10. liz said:

    I think it could be very stylish, but I’d just worry about having to constantly clean it. A toddler could grub it up real quick.

  11. Ruby said:

    I have three words for you: Sticky Baby Fingerprints. Spike is gonna leave his mark all over that bad boy.

    I can’t wait to see Larry’s pick but I’m already going to have to side with him. Even without sticky baby prints, it’ll cloud up from little microscratches.