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15 Nov 2005

Playing Catch Up.

Written by sally @ 7:36 am — Section: sally

I’m out of the office again this week, but here are some things that, if I did have the time to talk to you, I would tell you about in detail:

1. How I went to see baby Floons this weekend! And how they are tiny and cute and already have little traces of baby personality (Connor: laid back with a big fat kitten tummy; Daniel: feisty and funny). I can’t wait to get back there to see them again!

2. How I got a ticket on the way home! I haven’t called to see how much it’s going to be, but I was only going 80 in a 70. Actually, I think I was only going 78, but the state trooper didn’t want to talk about it. Oh, and how Larry told me I should have lied and cried and tried to get out of it, and how I said that only assholes try to get out of tickets — it’s one thing if you actually do freak out and cry and this works for you — and then he said “asshole” was the wrong word and I said no, it’s the perfect word and then we dropped the whole thing because our food arrived at our table.

3. How Pete and Lulu had their first nap together without anyone putting spit all over anyone else. Their little paws were all intertwined and everything.

4. How I am counting down until December 7, when Project Runway comes back on! Hooray!

4 Responses to “Playing Catch Up.”

  1. gorjus said:

    Pete and Lulu are going to be this fantastic, volatile couple, like War of the Roses, or, uh, something. I hope they don’t kill each other.

    You got a ticket? The Big Prize must have been rollin’! And, I wish you would post more!

  2. Frenchie said:

    I cried my way out of a ticket in high school. But the last 2 times I’ve been pulled over (on Hwy 82 going to Tuscaloosa, and then again here in O-town), I just look at the officer blankly and say “really? I’m sorry. I didn’t notice.” And they’ve let me go. Huh.

    Shouldn’t it be: Nouvelle DL?

    I want photos of Lulu and Pete napping together! I bet it’s hella-cute.

  3. poobou said:

    The one time I cried when I was getting a ticket (and it had nothing to do with the ticket – I was just having a really bad day and that was the thing that finally pushed me over the edge), the cop was totally unsympathetic and still gave me the ticket. Jerk.

    I cannot WAIT for the next season of Project Runway. And incentive for the guys: I believe that Heidi was pregnant all during filming, so the Klum’s will be looking mighty impressive. I saw a glimpse of her in one of the commercials, and they’re YOOGE!

  4. Jaxxie said:

    The one time I tried to cry to get out of a ticket I screwed it all up. I got the giggles instead and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time he was writing the ticket.

    I can’t believe the DL said that. Un.Real.
    I’m sure this is just going to fan the flame of Jaysus’ crush on her.