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14 Dec 2004

Plantation Style.

Written by sally @ 8:41 pm — Section: sally

Last week there was a discussion about Bunny Bread, and when jp! pointed out the special “Plantation” formula of Bunny Bread, it reminded us all that Southern offensiveness is still alive and well. Here is photographic proof of said bread.

7 Responses to “Plantation Style.”

  1. gclark said:

    damn if i don’t hate that fuckin’ rabbit.

  2. bulb said:

    One more thing; my best friend in grad school grew up in Fremont in the East bay. He’s a bit older than me mid40s and said that more than half his high school class was dead already, but that few of the deaths involved people who had moved away even if just to the Peninsula, Berkeley, or SF. Armadale went to chicago with his family, then Campaign Urbana and UC Berkeley before settling on U C Santa Cruz undergrad and Stanford for his English PhD. He now works for the less evil than Microsoft slightly Oracle corp as a chief technical writer and lives up the Mission in San Francisco. The point is that racism is an evil force and it does all kind of horrible things in the East Bay. Get out while you’re still alive!

  3. DMT said:

    Maybe a plantation run by bunnies is a kinder and gentler plantation.

  4. Sally said:

    They make some seriously soft bread. It never gets moldy, either. Perhaps it is chock full of bunny fur.

  5. woodroe said:

    Lots of Cargill corp. preservatives in that. Yeast “enhancers”, adjuncts etc…

    Plantation style seems a lot like “sandwich” style (baked with a lid over the pan to create a square effect)

    I am a mass-produced bread nerd.

  6. Randy H. said:

    That’s what I said… Bunny Bread.

  7. jp! said:

    plantations aren’t racist. the fact that the bread is made by slaves is the bad part.