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6 Dec 2005

Pete’s Christmas List.

Written by sally @ 7:52 am — Section: Uncategorized

blister packs from Benadryl
dog faces, preferably with hangy jowls
paper bags, preferably with handles for sticking one’s head through
raffia from other presents
sheet sets with a robot to put them on the bed/take them off over and over

8 Responses to “Pete’s Christmas List.”

  1. pinky said:

    strangely enough, those are the exact same things that my cat wants!! i think she really wants a robot to continually moves its legs around in the bed so that she can attack without getting swatted. OH! and an assortment of my daughters toys, yeah, that would be good.

  2. Liz said:

    Pinky (my cat, not the commenter) adds the plastic pull from the milk top and cheese.

  3. abby said:

    My cats also love the sheet on/off thing. Additionally, Maurice is obsessed with beer bottlecaps (you can make him appear from ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE in five seconds flat by dropping one on the ground)and Leroy goes cuckoo for laser pointer action.

  4. The Diplomat said:

    Ortho wants the milkrings.

    Foot-Foot wants Ortho to die a fiery death.

    Sebastian wants for nothing.

  5. poobou said:

    Beaumont wants to be loved by the other cats.

    The other cats want Beaumont to stop jumping on their damn heads.

  6. corie said:

    Ours would request string or twine. And Irving likes a good plastic bag to lick. And a brick for Olive.

  7. ms.comrade's cat darlene said:

    q-tips and keyboards, people!

  8. larry ferrari said:

    Pete is also fond of the cursor moving on the computer screen.