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14 Dec 2005

Pete the Bookend + Tidbittery.

Written by sally @ 8:58 pm — Section: sally

I’ll be out of the office Thursday bossing people much older and wiser than me around, so instead of a cryptic (disappearing) post about a cowboy song, here is a picture of Pete in his new favorite spot.

Yes, that is a Fiesta teapot lamp. What of it?

Other, random news:

Did you know that during World War II Americans called sauerkraut “liberty cabbage”?

I saw my new all-time favorite license plate the other day: HRDATAK. Yes!

To date, Pete has knocked four glass ornaments off the Christmas tree.

The Floons’ latest update reveals that the boys are getting fat and sassy — and are sleeping together in their deluxe accomodations. Really, you should see them. They are wearing hats and are wrapped up like fat little Floon burritos. Delicious!

I had a really, really bad day at work today and as I drove home in tears my plan was to eat a xanax and drink some beer and go to bed at 7:00. But then…I remembered that Project Runway is on tonight. People: it’s that good.


PS: It was that good. Reactions: Uncle Nick’s Barbie dress = good; crying bald guy = crazy; Kara Janx in every way = bad. I read in the NYT that all of the male contestants are gay except for one; we spent a good deal of time hunting for the lone straight guy. It wasn’t as easy as last season. We decided on this kid. And the part at the end where stupid Santino thinks he’s won the challenge? I don’t know if y’all saw it on your tvs, but Nelson from The Simpsons suddenly appeared on my screen and said: Haaa ha!*

*This sound effect is universally understood to mean “too bad, you suck.” I used to work for an opera company and was having a meeting with little old ladies. They were looking over a symphony advertisement in the paper (you know, competition) and we discovered that the ad had the wrong date of their planned event on it. Without thinking, I said, Nelson-like, Haaa ha! and all the old ladies laughed. People: these were really old ladies.

7 Responses to “Pete the Bookend + Tidbittery.”

  1. poobou said:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day. I hope Heidi and the Klums made it all better. Or at least that you were able to hold off on the xanax and beer until 8:00.

    I think my mom has that exact bookcase. It was my grandmother’s, she used it for showing off china & other knick-knacks. (My grandmother wasn’t a big reader, unless you count Soap Opera Digest.)

  2. Liz said:

    (covering ears and humming!) Will check back on PR news after I watch it tonight. Sorry your day was sucky; I’m glad Heidi was there to cheer you up.

  3. The Diplomat said:

    I have that same edition of the complete stories of flannery o’connor! I got it when I won the eighth grade English book award.

  4. gorjus said:

    I saw a vanity last nite that said “O WHALE.”

    And, PR was pretty fabulous. I’m disturbed with not showing La Nina the proper respect. I most loved Tim Gunn’s outright horror that Daniel was . . . on the floor. “Daniel, you are almost all the way on the floor! Get up this instant.”


  5. beth said:

    wishing you a better day at work today, sal.

  6. Liz said:

    Okay, all caught up. The edit job from Santino’s beaming, smug face to his “I will KILL you” face to his rocking himself in the corner was brilliant. And the fucking Barbie hat over the escalator side? Thought I would die.

  7. sally said:

    Yesterday was a MUCH better day. Watching old people move furniture and complain is one of my favorite activities. Especially when I am sitting in a chair the whole time.

    On the Bravo website, Tim Gunn has a blog. You have to go read his comments about everybody.