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25 Feb 2020

Outlander is Out.

Written by sally @ 1:15 pm — Section: sally

People, we need to talk. It’s not about Kevin. It’s about Outlander.

Over the last week I was stricken with Outlander Fever (similar to coronavirus but hotter and wearing a kilt) and watched ten episodes. I am not a binge watcher so this is significant. However, I think it is over for me and Outlander. There are a lot of episodes left, like maybe six in this season and then I think it’s currently in season 5. I will never make it that far. I just am not made of what is required.

Here is what I liked about Outlander:

–time travel
–accents one must put the closed captioning on to understand
–saying “Craigh Na Dun” to myself sometimes as I was cooking dinner

Here is what I didn’t like about Outlander:

–the 1945 husband is kind of gross
–Claire almost gets raped every other episode
–Claire cannot accept that things are different here
–everyone keeps getting captured and thrown in dungeons/forts/what have you
–I kept fast-forwarding through the escape sequences because see above, there are clearly at least 50 episodes left and everyone is still alive
–the boning is hot, but also embarrassing to watch
–the time travel doesn’t make a lot of sense
–wouldn’t the word get out about the magic stone at Craigh Na Dun and then everyone and their dog be placing hands on that sucker?
–or do you have to be Special to fall through time
–I don’t know
–look, only watched 10 episodes

I also read about what’s going to happen next, and I am 100% not prepared for it. I came for the boning, not the torture sequences.

Goodbye, show! I canna take any more.

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