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22 Nov 2005

Oscar the 17-Pound Dream Baby.

Written by sally @ 11:09 am — Section: sally

Is there anything more boring than hearing about someone’s dreams? No? I didn’t think so.

Last night in my dream I went to the hospital to visit the Floon twins and ended up having a baby myself. Yeah, I was apparently 9 months pregnant and didn’t notice. Which is especially odd because my baby was 17 pounds. I named him Oscar. The baby looked really familiar and this morning I realized that he wasn’t my baby after all.

He was Finslippy’s son, Henry.

Again I must ask: is it worse to dream about blog people or soap opera people? Both are clearly pathetic. But which is worse?

5 Responses to “Oscar the 17-Pound Dream Baby.”

  1. Jaxxie said:

    Is there really enough difference between blog people and soap opera people to draw a distinction?

    I think this dream has something to do with the rapidly closing window on the family Thanksgiving preparations.

  2. larry ferrari said:

    Jaxxie, thanks for reminding me…Are you going to be home Thanksgiving? I think Sally and I might need to sneak out and hide at your house. Or, at least Lulu and I might.

    Will Cornbread be making her famous holiday Jello shots?

  3. Jaxxie said:

    Yes, Cornbread will be making Jello shots in anticipation of our return from family visitation that night.

    You’re welcome to come hide here but be warned, Jaysus may be bringing me back in a makeshift straightjacket as I’m not allowed to leave Momma Glam’s house until I’ve put up and decorated her artificial Xmas tree of 10,000 pieces and 1000 pink hand-tied bows.

  4. gorjus said:

    I can’t wait for Cornbread’s Jello shots! Sometimes the holidays really are the best time of year!

    Oh yeah. You delivered a 17-lb. holiday dinner in that dream, Sally.

  5. poobou said:

    In all fairness, Finslippy’s son is darn cute. I wouldn’t mind giving birth to him, either. But 17 pounds? Ouch.