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25 May 2019

Oh Happy Day.

Written by sally @ 8:46 pm — Section: sally

I have had an extremely satisfying day and need to report to this you, the zero number of people who are reading this.

1. I did the NYT puzzles as usual.

2. I finished reading a book. I liked The Last Romantics, but I’ve recently read a LOT of books featuring sibling dynamics and I am full up now. There was a scene that I really liked where a woman is breaking up with a man, and she says something like, “I don’t want to eat dinner with you. I don’t want to go on vacation with you,” and I thought that about sums up when you are done with a person.

3. I went to the farmer’s market, which was stressful and paranoia-inducing, but I managed to buy two beautiful tomatoes and two nice zucchini. I don’t know why I couldn’t have had symmetry and said the zucchini were beautiful, too. They were very nice, ok? Maybe just not beautiful. I don’t want to eat dinner or go on vacation with them. Does that clear things up?

4. I went to the flea market, the kind of gross one you have to pay a dollar to get into. I considered buying a pin that said I TECATE MY BODY because I saw a similar pin at a flea market in like 1988 and I thought it was some sex thing and was very scandalized. But instead I just took a picture of it. I did buy some postcards of the Jackson Zoo and was extremely pleased with this purchase because one is of Monkey Island!

5. Then I went to see the early bird matinee of Booksmart, which was great for many reasons, one of which being that I was the only person in the theater. I also laughed my ass off throughout, which is notable because I’m not a movie laugher usually. Things can be funny! I can be amused! But “ha ha ha that movie is making me laugh” is pretty rare. Also, the movie started at 10:30 and was $7. Anyway, the growly way she says DOES NOT MATTER in the scene with the hair masks has made me laugh all day.

6. Then I came home and made a caprese salad and ate it all.

7. Then I considered taking a nap but ended up going to TJ Maxx with Gorjus. I bought nothing, but he got some new towels, a candle, and some pink salt. He is really into that pink salt. We talked a lot about that pink salt.

8. Then we went to Baskin Robbins and I got a weird sundae of lemon custard ice cream with marshmallow topping. It was amazing. Marshmallow topping doesn’t really have a flavor: it’s just SUGAR SAUCE. I’m into it.

9. Then we went to Lemuria and I bought The Immortalists.

10. Then I came home and watched 75 episodes of The New Girl, which is code for three. It feels like 75 because I’m not a binger so it feels excessive. I am so slow that I have been watching this on Netflix for the past four years and am never caught up. (I know it’s four because I remember starting it when I was dating the guy two boyfriends ago.)

11. I made a weird dinner with the nice-not-beautiful zucchini and the remaining tomato, I repotted the two night blooming cereuseseses I bought last month at a plant sale at Eudora Welty’s house, and then I took a bath. Well, I’m still taking it. I’m writing this from the bath! It’s the future!

It was a fine day, a good day.

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