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17 Dec 2008

O Come, All Ye Nuggets.

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1. Spike had tubes put in his ears yesterday! He has had many ear infections in his short life and his pediatrician (note: his dreamy pediatrician) recommended we head to Tubeville. It went really smoothly, although Spike slept shittily last night. I am hoping this is a side effect of the anesthesia and not the tubes.

2. Thanks for the book and music recommendations! I still haven’t bought/stolen any new music, but I did start reading An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England (uh, from no one’s recommendation) because I already had it, and so far here is what happens: I read a few sentences and start to get bored, and then a funny sentence will appear and I keep reading. I guess that is a fairly successful way to write a book. BORING BORING BORING FUNNY BORING BORING.

3. I returned someone’s call today and had this encounter:
Whoever: So and So Workplace.
Me: Hi, may I speak to Jennifer?
Whoever: This is Jennif–hold on, please.
(pause while on hold)
Totally Different Person: This is Jennifer, may I help you?

4. I am now Facebook friends with 50% of the little girls who were at my 6th birthday party.

5. I was trying to explain the concept of shared items on the Google Reader to my mother-in-law for the express purpose of telling her that I could see the things that my brother-in-law (her son) shared. So I said, “Yeah, so when Zippy reads something he really likes, he can share it and then I can read it, too.” Mother-in-law looked very worried, then asked if that was an invasion of his privacy.

6. Today I used my gmail archives not only to find out what I thought of a job applicant who I interviewed about a year ago (answer found in a chat: “instead of shaking my hand she waved at me like a contestant on the Tyra Banks show”) but also to establish when a former employee took time off (answer found in a chat: “omg rebecca just came in here and her tooth is dangling out of her head”). Gmail archives as a human resources tool!

2 Responses to “O Come, All Ye Nuggets.”

  1. larry ferrari said:

    This is the woman who, when asked about finding some shrubs to work in our shady yard, responded that we should just look it up on the internet…at

    I think there is an internet gap. If you are older than 80 and younger than 60, you get it, but somewhere between you will always be befuddled by it.

  2. poobou said:

    I think your mother-in-law sounds adorable. And I want to know if you hired the job applicant who waved at you.