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28 Nov 2006


Written by sally @ 1:38 pm — Section: sally

Topics: Fred Willard overdose; Pernicing; an almost cat murder; television notes; and a letter to Britney.

• I went to see For Your Consideration with Gorjus on Sunday, and it occurred to me about halfway through that it was enjoyable and all, but would be more so if I were at home a year from now watching it on HBO. Also, there was way too much Fred Willard (there, I said it). I mean, really.

• The Pernice Brothers are playing in Baton Rouge Thursday night, Oxford Friday night, and Birmingham Saturday night. I had this idea for about 12 seconds that I would go to all three shows, but then I remembered that I was me and decided to just go to the Oxford show. If you live in or near one of the other cities, you should go show Joe Pernice some love. (Not literally.)

• Yesterday I put up the Christmas tree (“put up” = “took out of the box”) and knew that Pete would be a problem. He was pretty good until the afternoon. I was making cookies and happened to look into the living room and saw Lulu staring intently at the tree with her head cocked to the side and her ears sticking straight out. I found Pete tethered to the tree with some Christmas lights looped really, really tightly around his neck. He could barely breathe, but with what breath he had he was purring. That’s my boy: he’s a moron, but he’s sweet. (The tree, by the way, is now barricaded to avoid further cat-murdering moments.)

• The new producers of the Gilmore Girls are trying to break my heart, Wilco-style. I was trying to explain to Larry why this season is sucking and why I hate Christopher even though Lorelai is acting all happy and I actually started to cry a little. You watch a show and love the characters and…this is what you get. You get Luke in a hospital room watching The Philadelphia Story and then you have to cry.

• In Top Chef news, something is wrong in the world when I start to root for Marcel a little. Anyone using the word “Flintstonian” to describe food is funny, but make it Anthony Bourdain and it is a freaking riot. Also, Betty, formerly of sweetness and/or light, has lost it. Double that for Frank. If I’d read in TV Guide that Frank will murder one of the chefs this season and use the person’s organs in an amuse bouche, it would not surprise me.

• Today I’m sitting in on some interviews for an administrative position that will report to someone else but will help me out with some projects, and I have to say: I love interviewing! I love hearing what people come up with to answer the world’s worst two questions — what is your greatest strength, what is your greatest weakness. I am waiting for someone to say “my greatest weakness is that I love too much.” It hasn’t happened yet, although one girl did say she didn’t have any weaknesses. I think we should hire her.

• Dear Britney Spears:

The world cheered you on when you filed for divorce. We all thought you’d turned around and abdandoned your Cheeto/barefoot gas station lifestyle when you appeared on David Letterman looking like a million bucks. But now that you “accidentally” showed the world your vagina, I’m over you again. Sorry.


8 Responses to “Nuggetuesday!”

  1. corie said:

    Dude, have you seen the latest wikipedia update for Britney Spears? Hi-larious:

    “In late November 2006, Britney has been spotted hanging with socialite Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan. This would be the second day in a row that Britney was photographed by paparazzi exposing her naked vagina. Many have speculated that this is a cry for attention as it would be hard to believe this is coincidence since Hilton has had the same “problem” a few times herself.”

  2. GC (God's Child) said:

    re Britney
    omg I didn’t hear about it. Am about to crawl right back under my rock.

  3. biz said:

    Proud Larry’s doesn’t have the Pernice Brother’s show listed on their site. But then again I can’t seem to get the Dec 2006 calendar to work (I keep getting Dec 2005), so it may be my own idiocy.

    Betty is a loon. And I am warming up to Marcel. And his hair.

  4. gorjus said:

    Yeah, the Proud Larry’s thang is broken. Both Pollstar and the Pernice Bros. website say the show’s going down.

  5. lucy said:

    I TOTALLY agree re: Britney.

    Dear Britney, didja leave your sons the same place you left your underpants? I might have liked you BETTER with Kevin than with Tranny Paris. I hate you for getting my hopes up last week. Love, Lucy

    I heart Top Chef. That is all.

  6. liz said:

    I love how the first time she flashed everyone it was with underpants. Then Paris was all, “No no no, that’s not what we went over.”

  7. vendela said:

    she did it again last night. that’s three nights in a row. g-ross!

  8. d-ashes said:

    Actually, I think this is some pre-sex tape PR work.

    A Scene:

    PR Manager: Well BritBrit, I’ve seen the tape, and, ah, this could be a problem.
    BS: Theen whawt are we gunna do abowt it?*
    PR Manager: Well, ah, the best idea might be just to go ahead and get that thing out there.

    *My apologies to the DL.