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7 Aug 2008

Nuggets Incorporated.

Written by sally @ 11:14 am — Section: Uncategorized

Hello, internet. I have not died. Thank you for asking.

Some things:

1. Last weekend we had Spike christened, and while it did mess up his rockin’ hair, the whole production wore the man out and that night, the child slept for eight hours. In a row! I woke up at 5 in the morning and made Larry go investigate to see if he was dead. Lo, he was not dead, only tired. Since then he has averaged between six and seven hours each night. If you are reading this and are thinking about posting a comment about how YOUR baby slept through the night starting at 6 weeks or something, just…don’t. Let me gloat, will you?

2. Besides his awesome hair, the other thing Spike has been sporting is a rather icky case of ezcema on his face. Last Thursday when I picked him up from school, it looked like the generally kindly teachers in his room had decided to place him face down in the parking lot and let him scoot around. His pretty face was all red and inflamed and I had the overwhelming urge to apologize to everyone we encountered. We went to the doctor the next day and got some magic cream, which did the trick. I thought I was overreacting about the rash but it turns out that the reason he was tearing up his face with his fingernails wasn’t because I wasn’t vigilant enough about cutting them, it was because it was itchy. It also seemed to be affecting his appetite, although I shouldn’t have worried because…while we were at the doctor Spike got weighed, and um…he’s big. BIG, y’all. He is 3 months old and weighs, you know, 18 pounds, 4 ounces.

3. Brief television notes:
Project Runway: Look, I love PR and I always will, but would it be possible for the designers to try a little less hard to coin phrases, to be the hated one, to be the one people talk about? Between Suede and Mango and the kid with the Peter Pan hat, I’m dying here. I mean Sally’s dying here. Sally does not like Suede or Mango or Peter Pan or the phrase “girlicious.”

Shear Genius: Many years ago Mrs. Floon developed a maternal crush on this little skinny boy that we knew, and her greatest dream was to cook him a pot roast and tuck him into bed. I have that feeling about Daniel on Shear Genius. He’s just precious. I also had no idea that a hair show could be even remotely entertaining, but look, bitchy people competing for stuff is always fun to watch.

Mad Men: I was so excited about the premiere and then nothing major happened and I was disappointed (although is it just me? I thought her name was Betty, not Betsy…). But this week’s episode?! Pete and American Airlines?! Peggy and the baby that might be hers but also might be her sister’s?! Joan’s boobs?! I think they grow in each episode.

5 Responses to “Nuggets Incorporated.”

  1. Jay said:

    I think we can all read between the lines in section 1. Obviously, Satan was waking Spike up this whole time.

  2. Frenchie said:

    Re: Mad Men…I think her name IS Betty, but he calls her Betts? like a hybrid of Betty and Betsy? But I’m with you: second ep was much more satisfying than the first.

  3. sally said:

    I could’ve sworn, too, that when Betty & Don ran into her old roommate on the first episode that she called her Betsy, too.

  4. christie said:

    Holy crap – 18.4 lbs.? Parker weighed that at one year! Of course, she also started sleeping 7-8 hours at one year, so maybe that’s the magic weight. Congratulations!

  5. poobou said:

    Like Christie, my baby didn’t start sleeping through the night until around her first birthday, so you just rock on with your bad self. But remember that they have sleep regressions every time they hit a big milestone (teething, learning to roll over, crawl, etc.), so don’t feel like a failure when he starts waking you up in the middle of the night again.

    Did you know that Time Warner in Raleigh doesn’t carry Bravo? I’m seriously pissed.