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16 Nov 2007

Nuggets I Have Collected in a Tiny Notebook in My Purse.

Written by sally @ 10:26 am — Section: Uncategorized

1. I was buying this hilariously useless product at Tuesday Morning the other day — purely because it was $2.99, and for $2.99 I will buy almost anything that claims to magically clean things, especially with battery power and by the way, did you notice that in the picture, it’s picking up chicken salad off of maroon carpet? Wouldn’t you buy it too? I tried making it slurp up spaghetti off my plate last night and uh, let’s just say it didn’t work — and the lady who was checking me out had 8 piercings in her right ear and 9 in her left. I know this because I asked.

2. Apparently a month ago the good people of Fred’s had a going away dinner for a long-time manager, and Toby made a casserole, and people are still talking about it. I asked about this, too. It had penne (pronounced penny, btw), chicken, and broccoli, and that broccoli was just so perfect. I wonder if salespeople get tired of me asking questions when they are clearly intent on ignoring me and having their own conversations.

3. I was pumping gas the other day and while it was filling up I cleaned out my car. I threw away lots of wadded up napkins and straw wrappers and water bottles, and when I went back to the pump to check on it, it had filled my car up with $.71 of gas. SEVENTY-ONE CENTS. In two minutes. I’ve never put $.71 on my debit card before. I bet it’s going to look hilarious on my bank statement.

4. Yesterday in the doctor’s office, this lady sat directly next to me (even though there were plenty of chairs elsewhere), made a loud phone call, and then took out an empty water bottle and spit into it. I was not impressed.

5. I also overheard this conversation in the waiting room (different person):

No, Mama, no. Uh-uh. The pills they say she overdosed on? I picked those up for her on Sunday. They only gave me 10 of them.

I need more information.

4 Responses to “Nuggets I Have Collected in a Tiny Notebook in My Purse.”

  1. Lucy said:

    When you spend as much time in the ObGyn’s waiting room as you do when you’re pregnant, you see lots of interesting things. The worst for me: a teenager (maybe 15) at the doc with her mom, calling her buddy (boyfriend/baby-daddy?) on the phone to report that “it’s a girl!” Depressing.

  2. poobou said:

    Um, was there a reason why you were filling your car with gas when it only needed 71 cents worth?

  3. sally said:

    I meant that after pumping for two whole minutes, it only pumped $.71 worth. Meaning it was an extremely slow pump. Meaning that I then drove to another gas station.

  4. poobou said:

    Oh ok, that makes much more sense. Thank you for the clarification.