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21 Jun 2016

Nuggets (Haven’t Done This in a While!).

Written by sally @ 2:38 pm — Section: sally

• After reliving the fun times at the skating rink on Facebook, this guy I went to middle and high school with decided to have a RAGING KEGGER. That was the term. Only class of ’91 people were invited (though this girl from class of ’93 asked “Can I come?” and this guy named Brian said “No” and ok maybe I laughed), and omg this is going to be EPIC how many KEGS should I get, who’s going to bring the Boone’s Farm, etc. Everyone was really for it on Facebook. So many thumbs up and PARTY!!!! comments. The night of the party came! And there were 10 people there. INCLUDING THE VICE PRINCIPAL! (I haven’t gotten clarification if he was trolling the Class of 1991 Facebook page, or if he was invited, but I prefer thinking the former.)

• Last weekend I watched three Jane Austen movies — Pride and Prejudice (40s version with Greer Garson and Lawrence Olivier), Persuasion (BBC), and Sense and Sensibility (Ang Lee). If you are currently single based, in part, on what you perceived as your former partner’s lack of demonstrativeness (that’s a word; I just checked), watching three Austen movies is perhaps a questionable idea. I enjoyed this pattern:

Man: I love you.
Woman: Go away, scoundrel! You offend me with your vermin self.
Man: (is wounded, does something secretive that helps the woman/her family, takes no credit for it, doesn’t brag and go HEY I DID THIS THING DO YOU LOVE ME NOW)
Woman: (finds out about the secret thing, appreciates how much he didn’t stomp around and brag, realizes he was sincere) Prithee, I love you.


• Some Bad Things I Have Recently Done:
–broken up with someone via email (more on this later)

• I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls, and I am as shocked as you are to report that I DON’T LIKE LUKE.

• If you’ve been reading this website for a long time, here is something to knock your socks off: Spike is 8. His favorite things are:
–garbage Disney tween shows
–being cool
–changing clothes 87 times a day
–sloppy joes
–climbing up/jumping off of tall things
–making up complicated games and then getting mad when I can’t remember the rules
–dressing up in a gorilla costume and running around the neighborhood

icky and the rilla

One Response to “Nuggets (Haven’t Done This in a While!).”

  1. poobou said:

    EIGHT!! Dang, Spike.

    Re-watching shows never works. I re-watched Sex & the City and realized that I really hate all 4 of them, not just Carrie. Although she’s still the worst. (And confession: I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls.)