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22 Oct 2007

Nugga Lamma Ding Dong.

Written by sally @ 11:01 am — Section: Uncategorized

• Is anyone watching Mad Men? Did you see the season finale? Did you see the part where Peggy has been getting chunky throughout the season and then the part where she had a stomachache and went to the doctor and ended up WITH A BABY? Horrible, awful Pete’s baby? I can’t stop thinking about it. I really wish someone else watched this show besides me. Larry can only hear me say “I can’t believe Peggy had a baby!” so many times.

Top Model: so far, my favorites are Heather (duh) and Lisa and Sarah. Jenah and I are not speaking due to her unspeakable weave, but she takes great photos. I am gunning for Chantal and/or Bianca to get the axe next.

Dear The Office: I am very glad you’re moving back to 30-minute episodes this week. I love you, but it turns out it’s conditional.

• Quiz–Which One of These Soft Rock Easy Favorites Did I Download This Weekend?

a) “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees
b) “I’d Really Like to See You Tonight” by England Dan and John Ford Coley
c) “Everything I Own” by Bread
d) “All Out of Love” by Air Supply

• I did not wrap Christmas presents this weekend, but I did make a pan of the most delicious brownies known to man. First, get a box of brownie mix. Once everything is mixed, dump in about a teaspoon of peppermint extract. Then, once the batter is in the pan, sprinkle old mint swirl chips that you found in your pantry from last Christmas on top. Bake, and enjoy the minty smells as they waft through your house. Later, experience minty fudgy goodness and marvel at your baking skills.

• Oh, and speaking of food, we are once again friends! Reunited and it feels so good, etc. Goodbye, nausea. I hope we have broken up for good.

10 Responses to “Nugga Lamma Ding Dong.”

  1. Dotty Parka said:

    Me! Me! I watch Mad Men! Re Peg’s baby: The whole time she was gaining weight, my husband insisted she was pregnant. I was sitting smugly on the couch, all “Nuh-uh! This is a commentary on the value of a woman in c.1960 America. She was an object of desire while slim, but now that she’s chubby, she’s having to use her brains to get ahead. Woman in this society are only worth how much desire they evoke from men!” Turns out he was right. D’oh!

    Congratulations on your bun, by the way.

  2. beth said:

    Definitely (d).

    What is Mad Men?

  3. bizaleth said:

    I watch Mad Men. But due to a thunderstorm my cable went out during the season finale. I got as far as Betty pocketing the phone bill after she found out her neighbor/friend’s husband had been having an affair. I did read the recap on Television Without Pity, though.

  4. sally said:

    Dotty, I was thinking the same thing about Peggy’s weight gain. I was totally thrown off by her double chins. THEN, I never imagined that it would be a full-term baby! Good lord! That baby looked like it weighed 8 or 9 pounds.

    Also, Beth, you are WRONG.

  5. poobou said:

    I’m gonna guess A, only because who doesn’t love the Bee Gees?

    Hooray for no more nausea! Those brownies sound awesome, I may have to try to make them.

  6. beth said:

    Ouch. Well, that’s the one I would have downloaded.

  7. Danielle said:

    I’m going to go with C.

  8. sally said:

    I probably will download C at some point because I am a BRead enthusiast, but last night it was A.

  9. bulb said:

    D’Oh I would have guessed “B.” Since “C” was the obvious choice . . .

  10. poobou said:

    Woot! I win!