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19 Dec 2007


Written by sally @ 3:45 pm — Section: sally

My staff and I have been enamoured as of late with finding funny names in old censuses, and usually we consider Native American names off-limits — Crazy Sister-in-Law, for example, is just too easy — but today I found this couple, and I think the search is over:

Good Turkey and his wife, Goes on Top.

5 Responses to “Note.”

  1. jay said:

    Wait, I thought Turkey Crisp married Miss G.O. Top!

  2. poobou said:

    Are those real names or just people messing with the census bureau?

  3. sally said:

    Those are real names from the U.S. Indian Census Schedules. Good Turkey (Zica Waste) was born in 1856 and he and Goes on Top (Wankankiya Ya) and their son Afraid of Cloud (Mahpiya Kokipa) lived in Montana in June, 1891.

  4. liz said:

    Ha! I also like Afraid of Cloud because what is the story behind that one? I do feel bad he was named for some cowardly act that probably occurred before he could help it.

  5. sally said:

    Afraid of Cloud was only three at the time. Maybe he got to rename himself later on.