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25 Jun 2013

Not Going to Dollywood Anytime Soon.

Written by sally @ 8:48 am — Section: sally

Spike and I have been listening to a mix cd I made for the car. His favorite song, which he wants to hear over and over, is the Magnetic Fields song “When My Boy Walks Down the Street.” (Hearing him sing along in that kid monotone is awesome.) However, last night Dolly Parton was singing “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” and he made it through most of it until she got to the part where she says something how she wishes she could again kiss your sweet lips.

Spike: I hate this song.
Me: Why? Because she’s talking about kissing?
Spike: No.
Me: Because it’s a girl singer?
Spike: No, I like some girl singers.
Me: Then why?
Spike: I just…hate Texas.

One Response to “Not Going to Dollywood Anytime Soon.”

  1. poobou said:

    Well, Dollywood is in Tennessee, so you’re good.

    Although I feel Spike on this one. I’m not a fan of Texas either.