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8 Oct 2010

No Harbor Was His Home.

Written by sally @ 2:17 pm — Section: sally

Sometimes I just want to eat a warm plate of…warm food. I kind of don’t care what it is and prefer it to be bland and a little mushy. These are the times I go to Piccadilly. I like going because I’m the youngest person there, plus there is the bonus of the warm plate of bland, mushy food only costing $4.99. (And sometimes there are salmon croquettes, which attract and repel me at the same time.) So I was leaving the Piccadilly yesterday and noticed a sweet Grandpa ride with the vanity tag PRA 4US. Better: shoe-polished on the back window, it said ALWAYS VOTE. You could interpret this as a public service announcement, but this is Jackson, and so I know that the subtext is “ALWAYS VOTE OR ELSE WE WILL GET ANOTHER BLACK PRESIDENT OH GOD.”

Meanwhile, “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” was playing on the radio. I believe it is the only #1 Billboard Top 100 song to combine sailors, finest silver from the north of Spain, and whiskey. (Additionally, Wikipedia just told me that after the success of the song, Barry Manilow changed the name of his song to “Mandy,” not “Brandy.”)

To sum up: warm plate + crazy Grandpa + “Brandy” = pretty good moment.

One Response to “No Harbor Was His Home.”

  1. Christy said:

    Brandy is the first song my parents ever danced to. Hearing this over and over again always gave me this odd vision of my dad as a sailor in the 70s, or like Richard Dreyfuss’s character in Jaws.