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16 Nov 2009

[Mumble Mumble] Blog Post?

Written by sally @ 1:47 pm — Section: Uncategorized

I have this problem when Larry is talking. I cannot understand the first few words of his sentences. If he says more than one in a row, I can follow fine, but when no one’s said anything for awhile and he speaks, either I am not paying attention or he’s got a bad case of mushmouth. Usually this just means I say, “huh?” a lot, or I end up attempting to answer him, which causes a lot of confusion, like so:

Larry: [mumble mumble] watch tv?
Sally: No, thanks.
Larry: What?
Sally: I said “no, thanks.”
Larry: Oh. ‘Cause I said “mind if I watch TV?”

The other day, however, I feared a line was being crossed:

Larry: [mumble mumble] poop today?
Sally: WHAT.
Larry. Poop today.
Sally: Did WHO poop today.
Larry: Spike.
Sally: Ohhhh. Yes, twice.

One Response to “[Mumble Mumble] Blog Post?”

  1. poobou said:

    My brother-in-law has the worst case of mushmouth of anyone I’ve ever met. I hate asking him to repeat himself over & over, so I usually just say something like, “Oh, right.” Or “Mmm-hmm.” I’m sure there have been instances when he thought I was completely insane. Or deaf.

    But yeah, that poop thing could’ve gone horribly awry. Maybe Larry needs to start all his sentences with a loud & hearty, “HEY!” to get your attention to make sure you’re listening first.